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The Impromptu Photoshoot

Sometimes, when the light is just right and the location is ideal and you have a willing subject, you can really get some nice portraiture results.

This was one of those times.

Guitar Man

Guitar Man

So, out shooting around Grandin Village and I’ll be darned if this guy didn’t come walking around the corner. Not what you expect to see often, though perhaps it’s not unusual around Grandin Village.

A moment or two of uncoordinated bluster and almost without thinking, I’m asking if he minds me taking a photo of him. “No” he says, and strikes a suitably musical pose.

“Ka-Chunk” goes the F-1, I wind on and thank him. We head off on our separate artistic ways. I could get the hang of this street portraiture thing, perhaps.

Learning by not doing

So earlier tonight I went to Exposure.Roanoke‘s “Shooting Regular People” workshop. I went loaded for bear; F-1, motordrive, several rolls of film, 28, 50 and 135mm lenses, a light stand, umbrella and radio triggered hotshoe flash. The whole 9 yards.

I only shot about 6 photos, all of them of other people taking photographs.

But I did spend a fair bit of time watching Curt Warwick directing several of the models who sat for him, even did a brief stint sitting in front of the camera myself, and I know I learned more than if I’d just set up in a corner somewhere and attempted portraits.

Watching and being directed by someone who has done a lot of excellent quality portraiture work was eye opening. Now, I need to put it into practice a bit and take my portrait work beyond the “Smile! *click*” level. I’m thinking, for starters, that Kelli might want some good headshots for when she gets published! At least that’s my excuse…