Learning by not doing

So earlier tonight I went to Exposure.Roanoke‘s “Shooting Regular People” workshop. I went loaded for bear; F-1, motordrive, several rolls of film, 28, 50 and 135mm lenses, a light stand, umbrella and radio triggered hotshoe flash. The whole 9 yards.

I only shot about 6 photos, all of them of other people taking photographs.

But I did spend a fair bit of time watching Curt Warwick directing several of the models who sat for him, even did a brief stint sitting in front of the camera myself, and I know I learned more than if I’d just set up in a corner somewhere and attempted portraits.

Watching and being directed by someone who has done a lot of excellent quality portraiture work was eye opening. Now, I need to put it into practice a bit and take my portrait work beyond the “Smile! *click*” level. I’m thinking, for starters, that Kelli might want some good headshots for when she gets published! At least that’s my excuse…