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Digital Gear Updates and Price Madness

So Nikon just launched the newest iteration of their flagship speedlight, the SB-910. It makes some updates and improvements to the established SB-900 which is a few years old now (and therefore, in digital gear terms, practically a fossil).

And once again, I notice a trend continuing.

The SB-900 broke new ground, not just in terms of what it could do (impressive stuff I must say) but also in terms of price. I seem to recall it was the first hotshoe flash unit to retail for $500 (well, just shy of it but is anyone really fooled by this $499.95 crap?)

The SB-910’s launch price? $550. Say it with me: OUCH!!

And they tell me shooting film is expensive? Give me a break! If I add up all the film I’ve shot and developed since late 2009, the total cost is still a little less than what Nikon want for their newest wonder accessory. My old Sunpak flash cost me UKP10 in a consignment store and another few dollars to switch out the Nikon manual focus foot for a Canon manual focus one. I get perfectly acceptable results with it, no less reliable than my experiences of digital TTL flash have been.

Sure, for those who really need this unit’s capabilities, it will be indispensable. If you can justify that sort of spend, that’s great. I can’t. Personally, I’m quite happy that I passed on this ever-increasing price and upgrade madness. My photography doesn’t appear to have suffered any for it, whatever the marketers might want me to think.